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I'm a creative solver of problems using design. I transform thorny problems into elegant habit forming solutions using visual design, rapid prototyping and interaction.


I’ve put together a collection of my interaction projects, to help showcase my design thinking process and skillset.
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6 selected works across 6 design spectrums.

WHOLA: The future of fashion wholesale

I was able to help realise a platform that helped eleveate and propel a fashion wholsale business.

BrewArt Icons

Coopers approached us to create 40 craft beer labels to accompany our e-commerce store for the BrewArt product launch.

RAA - A better way to book Road Service

We added product value to the existing myRAA product, by incorporating a Road Service component within the App.

25 Zero - Climbing mountains towards fitness

We built a product that allowed users to track their own fitness, whilst climbing a mountain for a good cause.

Etsy Twilight Market

Created branding and marketing solutions for a market which needed to represent a warm, vibrant and youthful feel.


Working with RAA to develop their first customer-facing mobile solution.

Culture book


Thinking beyond conventional design patterns

I have always been driven towards problem-solving, design is the medium in which I have been most fluent.

Problem-solving utilising a holistic thinking and methodical approach to addressing the central design problem. I aim to unpack complex problems systematically with design thinking, a great deal of empathy and punctiliousness. I strive to collaborate effortlessly with clients and fellow team members. I'm a strong believer in teamwork and collaboration.

My work goes beyond conventional design patterns and visual styles. I specialise in consumer products that distill complex data into simple and beautiful visualisations. With my extensive experience working in tandem with engineers, executives, and marketing teams, I know how to ensure user needs whilst aligned with business goals.

A little about my background

Originally from The Riverland South Australia, I co-founded a company called MantaMedia withNola Falk.Throughout the longevity of the business, we enjoyed working with a broad range of clients. Elevating unknown brands to expand their reach brought a large sense of satisfaction, especially when built around our strategic planning.

How football made me a better designer

Playing Australian rules Football for many years taught me how to make intentional decisions in complicated situations. I had to work as a team, regularly iterate through practice and understand the psychology of fellow players under intense, competitive conditions. These valuable lessons I learned on the field have carried over to the digital design work I do today.

Things that put a smile on my face

I love animals, and I enjoy long walks with my new Kelpie namedCooper. I also enjoy spending time with my fiancé, tending to my succulent plant collection, co-operative gaming, and solving puzzles in retro point and click adventure games. If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me, or to follow my adventures on Instagram@thejoshrogersor my design folio
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