In responding to the mobile evolution, and the need to expand customers’ perception of the brand, RAA (Royal Automobile Association) explored the option of developing their first customer-facing mobile solution. Accompanying the Enabled team I was able to provide user experience design to help deliver a platform for brand promotions and communications. The result was the highest user uptake and engagement out of all RAA’s customer-facing initiatives.

My Roles

Lead Designer


UI/UX/CX Design, Design Direction, JTBD Workshop



Business challenge

In responding to changes within the automotive industry, RAA has been working to strengthen its brand positioning “There’s more to RAA than you might think.”Our previous projects with RAA focused on internal end-users, whereas this project was about increasing value and engagement for external end-users, i.e. RAA’s members. Moreover, this should also help the company’s branding objective: to be seen as innovative and progressive.

RAA's 2015 report data

Identifying key issues

An issue to address was the predominant association with RAA - “RAA is a Road Side Assist Service”. A core goal was to show RAA Customers that their Membership is valuable everyday - not just if their car breaks down. We identified that our end users needed to engage with a product that helped gain awareness to this issue.

Preliminary exploration - addressing questions from both sides for each function.


We conducted a Jobs To Be Done workshop to crystallise our shared understanding of user needs. Members needed a more convenient way to access member offers on the go, while not having to carry a physical member card everywhere.

This exercise allowed us to design interactions within the app that would suit the needs of members and potentially, encourage non-members to join. While it seemed obvious that RAA would choose to build a mobile platform rather than a just web one, we also needed to consider the scalability of this platform to facilitate business planning.

Workshop - Jobs to be done exercise (for the customer) to ensure key objectives are shared

UX Challenges

The considered UX design around the myRAA app, allowed users to do member-related tasks such as registration and account management. Moreover, they can also access loyalty benefits including special offers and competitions. The design also needed to strongly consider RAA’s existing Content Management System, with seamless integration.

App Map Wireframes

To hamburger, or not to hamburger?

A design solution to consider for myRAA was whether to utilise a hamburger menu, or in-fact could we go entirely without?
The hamburger menu is a design trend which is difficult to avoid, the icon being used in most mobile sites and apps, whilst also becoming increasingly popular in desktop designs too. The debate as to whether the myRAA needed the hamburger menu created debate within our internal design team, and to an extent the client. Introduction of the hamburger menu solved the issue of how to free up space on the mobile screens, ensuring the customer of myRAA focussed on the main user experience intent. The hamburger however also resulted in a new issue: "What’s out of sight, is out of mind."

After debate and deliberation, we decided that an extensive hamburger menu wasn't healthy for the UX of myRAA. We wanted our first time customers/existing members to easily comprehend the UX, with its best chance at obtaining a large retention rate. We decided on four key screens to utilise the whole core of myRAA.

UX Solutions - more vs less

Wires of users core function of myRAA

Enabling user engagement

With the majority of members using mobile phones when they need to interact with RAA, we made sure that opportunity does not go to waste. The mobile platform has a single purpose proposition: help users gain value from their membership.

What about non-members? To maximise conversion, we made the app functional even without having to log in. The user experience rationale is to allow non-members – or friends and family of existing members – glimpse the desirable world RAA builds for its customers.

Solution design - from wireframe to end product

Design Solutions

As the Design Director of this project, I wanted to create a system that stood out from traditional RAA products in this space. I wanted to avoid light designs, typical of the standard RAA product.

Another aspect I had to keep in mind during this phase was how would this system work with a variety of articles and topics. Whilst keeping on brand, I leaned toward a dark theme. I knew we needed to have an expansive colour palette and imagery that would be flexible and easily replicable on a future basis.

Colour palette



Art Style Exploration

Tab Menu Exploration

Android app: The 9 patch slice sheet to create the call to action buttons

“Enabled made the development of our myRAA mobile application seamless. The quality of work and youthful look and feel was exactly what we needed to appeal to our target market. We were able to launch a successful app which has surpassed our expectations.”

Kimberley Bolton, Senior Manager Brand & Membership Marketing at RAA


As a team: we were able to provide our expertise in user experience design, to deliver a platform for brand promotions and communications. The result was the highest user uptake and engagement out of all RAA’s customer-facing initiatives.

These holistic decisions targeted convenience for members on the go. Keeping one eye on a future approach, this platform was designed to allow the product to evolve into a one-stop hub as RAA’s offerings span multiple aspects of life.