BrewArt Icons

Coopers Brewery approached Enabled with their project BrewArt - a new brand for Coopers surrounding their world first automated home brewing machine.


Lead Designer


Creative Direction



The Challenge

Coopers approached our creative team, to accomodate the launch on BrewArt with 40 beer labels. We needed a way to visually represent these in the BrewArt store and within the App.

The artwork needed to look attractive on all platforms

Managing expectations

To best manage expectations with the client, I setup a meeting and presented the client with design options including the design timeframes. Featuring a conceptual beer label - Mr Sinister, I showcased two options. Option 1: featured concept sketches, stock photography, retouching and early phase branding locked to a two hour timeframe. Option 2: featured concept sketches, a refined custom illustration including early phase branding locked to a five hour timeframe.

Additionally from this meeting I was able to discover valuable client feedback in that showcasing the beer within the label was preferred. This would act as useful brand and recipe association for consumers. Upon this learning, my design thinking adjusted from an album artwork vision to a label and badge approach.

Conceptual design options

Brand recognition

By using the attractive artwork I aimed to subconsciously pull leverage recognition from favourite beer brands, in order to bridge that gap for consumers and have them understand they can brew their own favourite beer style - right in their own home.

Artwork and wires

The icons

Beer is a very visual industry, especially true when thinking of craft beer. Beer lovers pay close attention to the design of real beer labels, because let's face it - without that you just have a brown or green bottle.


Designing these icons I needed to consider how they might be adapted in a broader sense. For example how would these look as a label on the BrewPrint box or how they might look if used in a BrewArt concept store, whether they would be a promoted beer - hence needing wide web banner variants.

Finals thoughts

I set out with the intention of designing labels that had an appeal comparable to real well known beers. They also needed to engage with the brewer inspiring them to want to go to the effort of crafting their beverage.