25 Zero

Put simply 25 Zero was a step counting App, that replicated the work needed in order to climb some of the world’s iconic peaks. All of which are disappearing fast due to climate change. In 2015 our client Tim Jarvis, was looking to climb three challenging mountains, and record the progress with milestone content throughout the journey. By accompanying an App, allowed users to track their own fitness, whilst helping gain awareness for people affected by declining climate change.


Lead Designer


Discovery Phase, User Interface, User Experience, Visual Design



The Challenge

We wanted to define the Job to be done with 25 Zero. Defining awareness for a climate change whilst building a product that people could engage with. Defining what type of product we needed to build was a key essential part of the concept stage. To understand the needs of our customers, we strategised on whether an awareness app was needed, a gamified app, an app for a smart watch, companion products and so on.

Early exploration

Discovery phase - identifying key items for the Minimal Viable Product

Discovery phase - identifying key data types

Discovery phase - outlying key questions

UX Challenges

We faced challenges with 25 Zero in regard to what we wanted the product to do. To get people to engage with the app and in-turn become aware and to contribute toward the cause. We decided on a strategy focused on collecting step data and using that data in a unique way. Using that data, we wanted users to be able to simulate the three major Mountain climbs that founders Tim Jarvis was about to endure. All whilst gaining an understanding for the cause and the mountain treks respectively.

Form here I needed to design an app the was easy to comprehend for both first time users, and experienced steppers. Simple comprehension of the three key mountain climbs, engagement with the real time trek, whilst utilising minimal amount of screens were key outcome objectives for the MVP.

Early flowchart wireframes.

Designing UX Solutions

Accompanying the early stages of UX exploration, we wanted to create a next level of design. By creating this round of design we could start to get a feel for how the app may look and feel. I was able to utilise this design round to help build an app prototype. Building a prototype not only provided a feel for the UX, but provided another touch base opportunity to showcase to the client.

Early UX - Virtual climb screens

Early UX - Virtual 3D climb screens + Profile

Early UX - Social Leaderboards

Design Solutions

I created a palette using bold, warm colors and with a dark blue for balance. To add more flexibility in the palette, I added secondary colors that are less saturated versions of the primary palette.

Colour palette



Art Style Exploration

Discovering a visual art style for the mountains

Final App Icon

Interactive content touch points



The first build of 25 Zero was a solid foundation to begin the mountain climb campaign. The App combined with media exposure and helped gain awareness toward the cause.

The unique campaign, interesting UX, and lush art-style impressed enough to begin conversations with Apple, regarding a feature on the store.